Visible at Dusk (Loveland, OH: Dos Madres Press, May 2021)


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[Untitled, Unsigned Review], B O D Y (22 October 2021),

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Visible at Dusk: Selected Essays
By Burt Kimmelman
Dos Madres Press, 2021
434 pages

The 15 essays that make up this excitingly eclectic collection show the range and delightful idiosyncrasy of its author, poet and scholar Burt Kimmelman. From investigations of “the New England mind” to high-minded engagements with conceptual writing and art, each essay bears the marks of creativity and careful reading. “Oppen→Schwerner→Heller→Finkelstein (Tracking the World)” traces one important strand of poetic lineage through the 20th century. “The Dead and the Living: Hugh Seidman’s Late Poems” is one of the most eloquent engagements with that somewhat neglected poet’s work to be published this century. Kimmelman also considers contemporary society and art in two essays written during stays in Europe, one of which, “Prague and Memory,” was first published in B O D Y.