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"William Bronk in New York"


A Symposium on the Life and Work of William Bronk


Celebration of the Publication of

Bursts of Light: The Collected Later Poems of William Bronk


Sponsored by

Columbia University, New York University, and Talisman House, Publishers


Friday, April 13, 2012 at New York University

(The Great Room, 1st Floor, 19 University Place

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Saturday, April 14, 2012 at Columbia University

(501 Schermerhorn Hall

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Free Admission and Open to the Public








Friday, April 13th, NYU (The Great Room, 1st Floor, 19 University Place)



William Bronk Correspondences                                                                    10:00


            Robert Murphy, “The William Bronk – Robert Murphy Correspondence”

            Mark Katzman, “Desire and Denial: The William Bronk – Mark Katzman


            Paul Pines, “My Brother in Elysium”


William Bronk and Reader Reception                                                            1:00


            Daniel Wolff, “Why Nobody Reads William Bronk”

            Stephan Delbos, “Cusp Poet: A Case for William Bronk”

            Burt Kimmelman, “The Problem of Pleasure in Reading William Bronk”


William Bronk and Religion                                                                           3:00


            David Clippinger, “Bill the Taoist”

            Daniel Leary, “The Mystery of Faith in Two Poems by William Bronk”

            Ed Foster, “William Bronk and the Reformed Church”


“William Bronk’s Walk by the Canal"                                                           5:00

(a talk by Daniel Leary about his photographs of William Bronk)


“Late Bronk,” Plenary Address by Henry Weinfield                                  6:00



Saturday, April 14th, Columbia University (501 Schermerhorn Hall)



William Bronk’s Rhetorical Forms and Figures                                            11:00


            Jane Augustine, “The Image in Bronk, Early and Late"

            Elisabeth Joyce, “‘another house’: William Bronk’s Contained Spaces”

            Joseph Donahue, “The Ones We Meet Asleep: William Bronk and the Limits of


            Jonathan Curley, “"Gnostics and Nots: William Bronk's Poetic Questionings”


William Bronk and Nineteenth- Century Writers                                        1:45


            Norman Finkelstein, “Bronk, Melville, and the Mild Day”

            Carole Stone, “Gender Issues in Emily Dickinson and William Bronk”

            Tim Peterson, “The Presumptuous We: Figures of Address in Bronk

and Thoreau”


William Bronk and World                                                                               3:15


            Sherry Kearns, “The Arts and William Bronk: Response and the Artist”

Eric Hoffman, “‘The Real World’: William Bronk as Nature Poet”

Deborah Diemont, “A Visit to the Ruins: William Bronk, Pablo Neruda,

and Octavio Paz”


William Bronk and Reality/Unreality                                                           4:45


W. Scott Howard, “Apophatic Haecceity: William Bronk and the Analytic Lyric

            James Marian Bober, “The Late Agnostic: God, Sleep and Dreams in the Poetry

of William Bronk”

            Gerald Schwartz, “From ‘The Sunbeam on the Balcony' to The Ignorant Lust for

                        Knowledge’: Bronk, Proust, Desire, Beauty and the Reality Veiled


"String Quartet for Ballet Inspired by Poems by William Bronk"             6:15

(original composition and arrangement by Jonathan Newell,

music interspersed with recordings of William Bronk reading)

The Silhouette String Quartet

(Ariana Rosen, violin; Kate Mollica, violin;

Hannah Hens-Piazza, Viola; Lauren Riley-Rigby, cello)


Readings of William Bronk’s Poetry                                                               7:30

(Closing Ceremony)

Readers (in alphabetical order):

Jane Augustine, Vyt Bakaitis, Charles Bernstein, James Bober, David Clippinger, Jonathan Curley, Stephan Delbos, Deborah Diemont, Joseph Donahue, Norman Finkelstein, Ed Foster, Lyman Gilmore, Michael Heller, Sara Henning, Eric Hoffman, Alan Holder, W. Scott Howard, Susan Howe, Courtney Hughes, Elisabeth Joyce, Sherry Kearns, Andrew Klobucar,Burt Kimmelman, Basil King, Martha King, Daniel Leary, Ruth Lepson, Robert Murphy, Murat Nemet-Nejat, Geoffrey O'Brien, Tim Peterson, Simon Pettet, Paul Pines, Gerald Schwartz, Leonard Schwartz, George Spencer, Carole Stone, Madeline Tiger, James Tolan, Henry Weinfield, Mark Weiss, Daniel Wolff.



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